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What are some signs of domestic violence?

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2021 | Domestic Violence |

Separating fact from fiction is important when it comes to accusations of domestic violence. You may be facing claims that you abused your spouse but do not know how to defend yourself.

Knowing exactly what constitutes domestic violence can help you determine what to do if you are dealing with charges against you.

Emotional intimidation

According to the Mayo Clinic, many abused people report sneaking around their own homes in order to avoid interacting with their abusers. Constant overreactions or bouts of anger are some of the most common signs of a marital problem. Threats to kill someone or accusations of an affair can also cause significant mental distress.

Someone dictating when his or her spouse can leave the house is another sign of an unhealthy relationship. The victim may feel at fault for these actions or may not even realize they are abuse at first, although verbal arguments can escalate into physical violence over time.

Monetary manipulation

Restricting what job you can have or where you can work is another way abusers harm people. If someone steals money or restricts what you can buy to the point you have to account for every single dollar you spend, then it could be a sign of a worse issue.

Physical danger

Confrontations that include hitting or pushing can leave someone feeling hurt and confused. Abandonment in unfamiliar places and moments where someone purposefully humiliates his or her spouse in front of family or friends can also reinforce the abuse.

Keeping someone from sleeping or eating also constitutes abuse, as well as a spouse locking his or her partner out of a shared house. Knowing what domestic violence is can help you defend yourself against any charges.