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Meet Our Team

Headshot of Attorney Jacob Longman

Jacob Longman

Senior Partner

Headshot of Attorney Kathryn Jakuback Burke

Kathryn Jakuback

Senior Partner

Headshot of Attorney Richard Sprinkle

Richard Sprinkle

Senior Associate Attorney

Headshot of Attorney Jennifer Carpenter Cameron

Jennifer Cameron

Associate Attorney

Headshot of Attorney Jeanna G. Wheat

Jeanna Wheat

Associate Attorney

Our Staff

Headshot of Coryn Bougeois

Coryn Bougeois


Headshot of Cristy Craig

Christy Craig


Headshot of Bethany Gonzales

Bethany Gonzales


Headshot of Camila Valenzuela

Camila Valenzuela


Headshot of Rachel Lane

Rachel Lane

Mitigation Investigator

Headshot of Michaila Whittington

Michaila Whittington

Fact Investigator

Headshot of Molly Hargrove

Molly Hargrove

Executive Assistant

Headshot of Allison Guilliams

Allison Guilliams


Headshot of Indya Major

Indya Major

Office Manager

Headshot of William Wallace the Dog

William Wallace

Office Support