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How do you navigate a DWI during a job interview?

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2021 | DWI Charges |

Louisiana police pulled you over recently and issued a DWI. While you plan to explore legal options, you must focus on your job search.

Monster explains how to navigate a criminal history during job interviews. Your run-in with law enforcement need not derail your efforts to advance your career.

Check your background

Even if your criminal history only includes your recent drunk driving charge, check your background and rap sheet. You want to know what employers see before they do. Check your criminal history for errors. Did police hit you with misdemeanor charges or a felony? Employers may only ask about felonies, so if you have a misdemeanor, you need not bring it up in an interview if not asked specifically.

Know what to say

If you must discuss your DWI with potential employers, know what to say. Focus on giving context for the charge and sharing what you learned since your encounter with the police. Let hiring managers know the steps you take to ensure you never get another drunk driving charge. Perhaps your DWI helped you realize how much work you must do on yourself to reach your full potential. End by explaining how you and your skills bring value to the company.

Polish your resume

No matter your past, you need a solid resume if you hope to land interviews. Look over the document to ensure it draws attention to your most willing skills and accomplishments.

Knowing what to do during interviews when you have a DUI could bring you peace of mind. With the right plan and insights, you know where to focus your efforts while building your legal case.