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What impact does a DWI have on your child?

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2021 | DWI Charges |

Across the country, underage drinking infractions often end up met with the full might of the law. Louisiana is no exception, and if your child faces convictions for underage DWI charges, they could have a rough road ahead of them.

Thus, it is most important to understand the exact way in which these charges might impact your child. You should know how they may change the course of your child’s life.

An increase in additional criminal charges

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention take a look at the impact of DWI convictions on an underage individual. First, they note that underage drinking ties directly to an increase in a person’s arrest rates for other crimes. In short, drinking underage can cause a person to commit more crimes, which makes sense due to the compromising of faculties that alcohol causes.

Many additional crimes also tack on to DWI crimes, such as property damage or causing injury to a passenger or another party. These charges can come with hefty consequences like time in jail, reparations and fines.

Closing the doors of your future

DWI convictions may also close some doors for your child. Some colleges will consider a potential student’s criminal record before accepting their application. For those already enrolled, they may lose their access to on-campus housing and any financial support they once and. For some, this could easily render college too expensive to afford.

Career options may also grow limited, as many jobs will overlook a potential employee with a criminal record in favor of those employees with similar skills, assets and abilities but a clean record. Thus, you should treat all DWI convictions as serious, impactful matters.