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What do you know about going to college as a felon?

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2022 | DWI Charges |

You do not want to let your felon DWI charge keep you from improving your education and employment opportunities, but you know colleges look into applicants’ backgrounds. How do you present yourself as an excellent candidate and student who had an unfortunate encounter with the police?

University of the People offers an in-depth guide on attending college with a felony on your criminal record. Use their insights to put your charge behind you and your educational opportunities before you.


The first thing to know is, despite having a felony, you could still attend college. Having a criminal record dampens your chances of acceptance with some institutions, but not all of them. To make the most of your opportunities, focus on writing a knockout essay and applying to schools with a high acceptance rate.

Like Louisiana employers, colleges run background checks on applicants before allowing them into the school. Do not lie about your DUI on an application or during an interview; consider reaching out to an admissions counselor for tips on increasing your chances of getting into an institution.

Financial aid

Depending on your record, you may not qualify to receive a Pell Grant or financial aid. Applicants on parole or probation could qualify for assistance, but it depends on their charges.

No matter if you qualify for financial aid, you may still take steps to reduce the cost of earning a higher education. For instance, consider earning your degree online to save money on tuition and fuel. Rent textbooks when possible, and look for opportunities to use your student discount.