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Zealous, Strategic Defense Against Violent Crime Charges

Recent studies have shown violent crime charges carry some of the most severe penalties in the Louisiana criminal justice system and in the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. Like sex offenses, crimes of violence cannot be expunged from a criminal record.

If an individual is imprisoned for a violent crime, sentencing laws in Louisiana are harsh. While other types of crimes are eligible for sentencing credits, such as “good time” eligibility, crimes of violence are largely exempt from this reduced calculation. If you are facing a violent crime charge of any kind — whether it’s domestic violence, murder, or assault — you need aggressive, experienced representation immediately.

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Unreliable Forensic Evidence And How We Can Help

Eyewitness identification, D.N.A. evidence, ballistics, and fingerprint evidence are — contrary to what you see on television — often unreliable and must be attacked aggressively and quickly. Recent studies have shown time and again that forensic evidence was developed specifically for use by law enforcement and did not arise out of the scientific community in an attempt to determine truth. This makes the results of forensic investigations inherently suspect.

Police investigations into violent crimes are not always as clear-cut as they appear. Often, authorities scramble to “close” these types of cases as fast as possible by arresting the first suspect they develop through investigation. This leads to false accusations, baseless arrests and, in the worst of cases, convictions of the innocent. Without a proper defense investigation, whereby a legal team uses evidence that they have obtained and the authorities have overlooked, a jury will rely entirely on what the police say happened.

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