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If you were arrested for DWI in Louisiana, you need to understand that a criminal conviction is not an automatic outcome. There are steps you can take to defend your driver’s license and seek a reduction or dismissal of charges. Not everyone accused of drunk driving is guilty, and you should have a DWI defense lawyer on your side as soon as possible to help minimize the negative consequences of an arrest.

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What Happens Once You Are Arrested For DWI In Louisiana?

First, you will face an administrative driver’s license suspension process by the Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles where the state will attempt to suspend your driver’s license for at least a year for the first offense. Second, you will have to endure a criminal prosecution that could result in fines and a jail term.

What Are The Consequences Of A DWI Conviction In Louisiana?

Here are the potential penalties if you are convicted:

  • First offense: 32 hours of community service, up to six months in jail, a fine of $350 to $750, and up to two years of probation
  • Second offense: 240 hours of community service, between 30 days and six months in jail (with at least 15 days mandatory), a fine of $750 to $1,000, and up to two years of probation
  • Third offense: 240 hours of community service, a minimum of one year in prison (and up to five), a $3,000 fine, up to five years of home incarceration, and your vehicle may be seized and sold
  • Fourth offense: 240 community service, a minimum of 10 years in prison (and up to 30), a $5,000 fine, up to 30 years of home confinement, and your vehicle may be seized

In addition, for any of these offenses, you can be required to submit to a substance abuse evaluation, to attend a court-ordered substance abuse program and to use an ignition interlock device on your vehicle for some period of time.

What Are Some Potential Defenses To A DWI Charge?

Common defenses to a DWI charge include challenging the legal basis for the traffic stop, questioning the accuracy of the breathalyzer used and highlighting an officer’s inadequate training on its use. Every case is different.

Why Should You Immediately Hire A DWI Lawyer?

Any DWI conviction can affect your entire future. Even a first offense will leave you with a criminal record and increase the chances that you’ll face even more serious penalties if you ever make a similar mistake. Hiring a defense attorney as quickly as possible to protect your rights is the only sensible move.

Know Your Defense Options

As DWI defense lawyers, our goal is always to secure the most favorable outcome possible for our client. Depending on the circumstances, that could mean:

  • Dismissal of a DWI charge prior to trial
  • Suppression of breath test results, blood test results, or field sobriety test results
  • Felony DWI charge reduced to misdemeanor DWI charge
  • A not-guilty verdict at trial

We handle all types of DWI cases, including DWI probation violations, felony charges against repeat offenders, and juvenile DWI charges.

Did the police officer lack probable cause to arrest you? Many DWI charges are reduced or dismissed because officers made mistakes before, during, or after the arrest. We can investigate your case for any such errors.

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