How can underage drinking change your child’s life?

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Louisiana law treats underage drinking offenses in a serious way. If convicted, your child could deal with the consequences much longer than either of you anticipate.

How could an underage drinking conviction impact your child’s life? In what way do the effects of this conviction influence his or her overall future?

Offenses linked to alcohol use

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention examines potential consequences for underage drinking, one of which is its tendency to lead to an increase in arrest for other crimes. For example, teens who drink are more likely to get into alcohol-related car crashes. For such offenses, they may face large fines and even time in jail.

Underage drinking may lead to your child spending time with people who are not a good influence. Many underage drinkers also dabble in other illicit substances that are more harmful than alcohol. Studies prove that people make more reckless decisions in larger groups.

Damage to career and college paths

Future college options might close to a young person with an alcohol-related conviction. Many colleges consider these when accepting applicants. If your child is already in college, he or she may face loss of financial support, use of on-campus housing or even expulsion.

Finally, your child may lose career options. Many fields do not hire people with criminal convictions. For example, government positions and jobs working with children often have strict application requirements that eliminate those with a criminal record.

You may want your child to face the consequences of the action and learn from the experience, but not fighting the charges may cause more harm than good.

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