Can a drunk driving conviction affect your college career?

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As someone attending college, you must do what you can to keep your record clean. Any criminal conviction could potentially set back your entire college career.

In fact, one drunk driving conviction could effectively end your time in college. But how? And is there anything you can do about it?

The revocation of financial support

The College Investor looks into the ways that drunk driving can potentially impact your college career. They claim a DWI conviction has the potential to ruin your progress. It is not necessarily because of expulsion, either. In fact, it is rare for a student to get expelled even after a drunk driving conviction. It does happen, though.

More often, a college revokes financial aid. This can include scholarships and other monetary rewards meant to support you. Once you lose this financial help, could you afford continuing your education? Unfortunately, the answer for many in this situation is no.

Housing poses another possible financial burden. In some instances, a college may revoke your access to on-campus housing. In order to attend, you would either need to commute or move to off-campus housing. This option proves prohibitively expensive in many college cities. This could also prevent you from continuing your attendance.

Preserving your college career

It is possible to gain financial aid in other forms, such as taking a loan out. You could try applying to other colleges. Note that they may take your conviction into account, though. As such, while it is possible to work around these hurdles, it will certainly make your college career much harder than it would have otherwise been.

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