What can you gain from psychotherapy?

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Facing charges of domestic violence may have caused you to realize that you need help with controlling your anger. You may have never intended for things to escalate to this point, but you feel unable to effectively manage and process your emotions.

One resource you may consider to help you overcome violent tendencies is the use of psychotherapy.

Understanding psychotherapy

Recognizing that you lack the resources to control your reaction to the people and situations around you may leave you feeling helpless. While you may desire to respond differently, prior challenges in your life and triggers may interfere with your ability to respond rationally. If your childhood exposed you to violence or you suffered trauma in the past, you may have never learned healthy and productive ways of managing difficult emotions.

Psychotherapy assesses your life history and looks at other factors in your genetic makeup that may influence your emotional response. Because there is such a strong correlation between emotional and physical health, you may also notice improvements in your physical health when you address deficits in your emotional health. According to the American Psychological Association, one study revealed a significant improvement in the emotional response of 75% of individuals who participated in psychotherapy.

Committing to change

Psychotherapy is often not a one-time fix. You may need to maintain intervention for a notable length of time, perhaps for life, to help you address recurring challenges. Showing the people around you that you have committed to change may help you rebuild relationships that you care about. It will take time to reestablish the trust of others, but your consistent effort to better manage and control your emotions can make a considerable difference in your efforts.

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