Underage drunk driving charges in Louisiana

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Whether you worry about your teen driver as a parent or you are a young person accused of driving drunk, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with drunk driving laws regarding those under the age of 21. In comparison to drivers over the age of 21, drunk driving laws are especially strict when it comes to minors and drunk driving.

In fact, many drivers under the age of 21 unexpectedly face drunk driving charges as a result of a very small amount of alcohol in their system.

BAC levels and underage drunk driving

If stopped by a law enforcement official who suspects you of driving drunk, the officer could ask you to submit to a sobriety test. According to the Alcohol Policy Information System, the BAC limit for drivers under the age of 21 is .02 in the state of Louisiana. Therefore, a relatively minute amount of alcohol can cause a young driver to face serious charges.

The impact of underage drunk driving charges

If charged with underage drunk driving, the case could affect your life in different ways. You could suffer damage to your reputation, face court-imposed penalties and experience challenges at school. You could lose the ability to drive and the case could jeopardize your employment in the future.

Sometimes, young drivers do not realize that they have a small amount of alcohol in their system, such as those who have a mixed drink at a party. Others find themselves in this position as a result of peer pressure. Make sure you understand your options if you are facing these serious allegations.

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