How can a DWI ruin your life?

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When facing down the possibility of a DWI conviction, you may feel the most concerned about the large fines you face, or the chance you could get sent to jail.

However, the penalties do not end there. Long-term consequences of DWI convictions last longer and have an even bigger impact.

Getting overlooked in applications

BACtrack discusses how long-term repercussions impact people convicted of DWI-related crimes. The repercussions of a DWI conviction can spill into hiring practices and approval for housing, first of all.

Generally speaking, neither businesses nor landlords can discriminate based solely on criminal record. However, these are high-competition industries. When having to choose between two applicants, a manager or landlord will almost always choose the applicant without a criminal record.

On top of that, many industries have rules specifically disallowing the hiring of people with a DWI on record. Most people think of industries that require commercial driver’s licenses (CDL) first, such as bus or truck drivers.

However, this also applies to all government positions and all positions that work with children, including teaching. In both of these industries, people with DWI records on file seem too risky and dangerous to invest in, so they get skipped over entirely.

The impact on reputation

A DWI on record can also ruin a person’s reputation. Word gets around quickly, especially in smaller neighborhoods and cities, and a person could end up feeling iced out of their own community in time.

Because of these life-altering complications, it is important for anyone facing a DWI charge to take appropriate and timely action to protect himself or herself.

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