Types of theft charges and penalties in Louisiana

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Louisiana courts distinguish between different types of theft. Factors include the nature and value of the stolen property.

Awareness of these definitions can help you understand the potential consequences if you or a family member faces charges.


Shoplifting involves taking merchandise from a store without paying for it. State penalties for shoplifting vary based on the value of the stolen items.

You could receive misdemeanor penalties such as fines for items valued at less than $500. Shoplifting items worth $500 or more is a felony offense with potential jail time.

Auto theft

Penalties for auto theft in Louisiana depend on factors such as the value of the stolen vehicle and prior criminal offenses. The consequences may include fines, imprisonment and restitution to the vehicle’s owner.


Entering a building with the intent to commit theft or another crime is burglary. Louisiana classifies burglary into different degrees. Penalties vary based on factors such as the presence of occupants, use of weapons and the type of property targeted. Consequences may include imprisonment and fines.


Robbery involves taking something of value from someone through force or threat. Penalties for robbery are severe and increase with the use of weapons or bodily harm. Consequences may include substantial fines and lengthy imprisonment.

Identity theft

Identity theft occurs when someone acquires and uses another person’s personal information for financial gain. Penalties for identity theft may include fines, restitution and imprisonment.

Severity depends on the extent of financial loss. Americans experienced $8.8 billion in identity theft loss in 2022 alone.

Understanding the various types of theft charges and associated penalties is essential for anyone navigating the legal system.

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