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White collar crimes are those committed by someone within a business or governmental institution. These crimes are non-violent, but they could be connected to other, more violent crimes. Even when they are only financial crimes, they are taken very seriously, particularly when they affect many people. If you are facing prosecution for a white collar crime, it is important that you secure a Louisiana white collar crimes lawyer.

There are many types of white collar crimes, and some are more complex than others. The criminal penalties associated with a conviction can be severe and are frequently charged on a federal level. White collar offenses can also involve additional financial penalties, like paying restitution or damages. This is a terrifying situation, and it is important that you have legal support by your side to build an effective defense and mitigate the penalties.

Securing Your White Collar Defense Legal Representation

White collar charges require an aggressive and skilled defense. If you have been charged or are being investigated for a white collar crime, the attorneys at Longman Jakuback can help. The earlier you get in touch with our team, the sooner we can begin building your defense, gathering evidence, and limiting the legal and reputational effect of the investigation or charges.

If you wait too long to find a defense attorney, you may face prosecution without skilled legal support. This significantly increases the chances of a wrongful conviction, being overcharged, or facing more severe sentencing.

At Longman Jakuback, we have significant experience in criminal defense and white collar crime defense cases. We strongly believe in fighting for the civil rights of individuals who have been accused of crimes. A criminal conviction can affect your immediate freedom and financial ability, as well as your long-term financial future and many future opportunities. The most effective way to avoid this is to have a skilled attorney at your side, fighting for limited or eliminated penalties.

Types of White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes are complex, and conviction can have a severe impact on your future. They can affect your personal, professional, and social reputation, as well as resulting in significant fines, jail or prison time, and a permanent criminal record.

White collar crimes are financial crimes that can harm the financial ability of individuals, investors, and businesses, and they are typically committed by employees or employers in large companies or institutions with access to the company’s funds or the funds of others. Some of these common white collar crimes are:


Fraud is financial gain through the use of dishonesty, scams, and/or fraudulent actions. Some types of fraud include:

  • Insurance, Medicaid, or Healthcare Fraud: This occurs when an individual fraudulently receives Medicaid, Medicare, or healthcare by submitting false information. It also refers to cases where healthcare companies or their employees are investigated for forms of business fraud.
  • Wire and Mail Fraud: This refers to using mail or electronic forms of communication to defraud someone.
  • Bank Fraud: Banking fraud occurs when an individual or business attempts to defraud a bank or other financial institution for financial gain. This includes trying to obtain finances from the company under fraudulent means.
  • Forgery: Forgery is the creation of a false document or a false copy of a document to use to defraud a person or institution.

Being convicted of fraud as a professional individual or as a business can have devastating consequences. Conviction creates a criminal record, which can affect educational and career opportunities. In addition to this, the reputational impact of a fraud conviction can bar you from gainful employment in your field.


Embezzlement occurs when an employee, executive, or other individual within a company steals money or assets from the business or their employer. This is charged as a type of theft crime in Louisiana. Embezzlement is more common with employees who have access to company funds, including cashiers, tellers, accountants, and financial managers. Employers and executives can also be guilty of embezzlement by misusing company funds for personal use or otherwise altering financial records.

It’s important to have a strong legal defense against embezzlement charges.

Money Laundering

Money laundering occurs when individuals or companies take money gained illegally and launder it through their legal business to hide its source. The penalties associated with money laundering depend on the amount laundered.

Identity Theft

Identity theft occurs when an individual uses another person’s personal information to assume their identity. This includes information like addresses, phone numbers, names, passwords, bank information, Social Security numbers, and other crucial information. This information may be gained through various means, including through hacking, online scams, or the use of a database of a business.

Internet Crimes

Internet crimes can include other types of white collar crimes, such as wire fraud, embezzlement, and identity theft. They also include unique forms of white collar crimes, such as hacking, credit card fraud, or selling counterfeit goods. It’s important to secure a skilled criminal defense attorney who understands white collar and internet crimes, how they interact, and what defenses are right for your situation.


Extortion occurs when someone uses threats to gain services, money, property, or other goods. This is often related to organized crime. Blackmail is one form of extortion.


Bribery is the crime of offering or giving someone money or something of value to influence the actions of an employer, investor, politician, or other person with power. These bribes may be given directly to the person with power or to someone who works with them or owes them a fiduciary duty. It is also illegal to accept a bribe.

How Will a White Collar Crime Attorney Help Me?

A compassionate defense lawyer who knows how to handle white collar crimes can better your chances of avoiding conviction or receiving a lesser sentence for the charges you’re facing. Many white collar crimes are managed by federal law, and your attorney needs to have experience in federal and state courts. By working with an experienced white collar crime attorney, you receive several benefits, including:

  • Guidance through the entire criminal process
  • Extensive legal knowledge and both legal and financial resources
  • File for motions or negotiate important issues prior to a trial
  • Essential documentation and evidence gathered for your defense
  • Knowledge of the legal defense available and applicable to your situation
  • Strong advocacy in court

At Longman Jakuback, we have experience in both state and federal court and can help you defend your rights against investigations or charges of white collar crimes. We understand the different defenses that are applicable to white collar offenses, such as lack of intent or entrapment, and how to tailor these defenses to your unique circumstances.


Are White Collar Crimes Difficult to Prove?

In some cases, white collar crimes are difficult to prove. This is for several reasons, including:

  • It is hard to meet the burden of proof for certain elements, such as the defendant receiving a benefit from the crime.
  • Those who commit white-collar crimes tend to cover their tracks and work with other financial professionals to more effectively cover up their crimes.
  • It can be difficult for investigations to determine which parties in a large company are responsible for committing the crimes.

What Is the Most Common Punishment for White Collar Crime?

The punishment for a white collar crime may include large fines, jail time, prison time, and civil claims filed by the victims. The exact penalties vary based on the severity of the financial harm, the type of crime, and the number of people who suffered financial harm. In severe cases, fines will be much higher, in addition to potential restitution or civil damages awarded to victims of the financial harm.

What Is a White Collar Defense Attorney?

A white collar defense attorney is a criminal defense attorney representing individuals who have committed white collar crimes. These attorneys may defend businesses, individuals within a business, and governmental officials.

A white collar defense attorney defends their client against investigations, charges, and prosecution of white-collar crimes. This may include crimes like identity theft, insider trading, money laundering, embezzlement, and other financial crimes. White collar crimes are very complex and require a defense attorney with experience and relevant financial resources.

What Are the Three Most Common White-Collar Crimes?

Some of the most common types of white-collar crimes include:

  • Fraud: Business fraud is common because it takes many different forms, including wire fraud, mail fraud, bank fraud, insurance fraud, and Medicaid fraud. Business fraud enables financial gain for an individual or a business through fraudulent means.
  • Embezzlement: Embezzlement typically occurs when an employee or operator of a business steals money from their company for their own financial gain.
  • Forgery: This typically refers to the forgery of important documents or agreements within a business with the intent to defraud another person or business.

Longman Jakuback: White Collar Defense Attorneys in Louisiana

At Longman Jakuback, we proudly fight for the rights of those accused. If you are under investigation for or have been charged with a white collar crime, contact our firm today. We can review your situation and begin building your defense, offering you the legal support you need during this stressful time.


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