Drunk driving arrests and gender

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If you are facing drunk driving charges, you should know that you are not alone. It is helpful to go over relevant statistics on drunk driving cases and understand the different ways in which these allegations could impact your future. Law enforcement arrests many men and women for driving drunk and these charges, carry harsh repercussions, regardless of one’s gender.

Whether you are a man or a woman facing drunk driving allegations, you need to examine your case closely and have a firm understanding of legal strategies to pursue a more favorable outcome.

Reviewing statistics on drunk driving arrests and gender

According to data provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, law enforcement officials took more than 764,000 people into custody for driving under the influence of alcohol over the course of 2017. Among those apprehended, 74% were male and 25% were female. During this year, officials arrested more than 569,000 men and over 195,000 women for allegedly driving drunk and these cases likely had a significant impact on many lives, especially for mothers and fathers.

Reviewing the impact of a drunk driving arrest

Sometimes, those falsely accused of driving drunk have their rights violated during an arrest. Even for those who are able to clear their name and secure a favorable outcome with respect to their DWI case, an arrest can cause various short-term and long-term hardships. For example, some people struggle with mental trauma due to an arrest and when officials take someone into custody for driving drunk this can have a significant impact on their reputation in the community.

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