Working around your drug charges to find a job

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Having drug charges on your record in Louisiana can complicate certain areas of your life. Looking for a job is one area where your past experiences may come back to haunt you.

Knowing how to work around inquiries about your drug charges and highlight your redeeming qualities can make a difference in helping you establish rapport with potential employers.

Make a noticeable change

You may not realize just how much of a first impression comes from your appearance and the way you carry yourself. As you prepare for your job interview, dress for the part. Wear appropriate clothing. Practice good personal hygiene. Choose a manicured and modest hairstyle.

In conjunction with your outward appearance, resolve to change the unhealthy behaviors that may have compromised your decision-making abilities in the past. If you want the recognition of a reliable professional, focus on being more organized, prompt, self-motivated and honest in your personal life.

Exude confidence and dignity

When you walk into an interview with confidence and poise, interviewers will notice and feel your positive energy. According to Monster, when questions about your criminal past arise, answer each one honestly and directly. Do not make excuses or overshare sensitive details about your situation. Experts recommend limiting your description of your charges to two minutes or less. You may create answers to commonly asked questions ahead of time. This way, you can more easily respond with confidence during an interview.

Calmly redirect the conversation to what your past experiences have taught you about things like resilience and responsibility. You may choose to highlight how correcting your wrongs allowed you to develop and strengthen important life skills that can make a difference in the workplace.

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