How a felony drug conviction may impact the rest of your life

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A Louisiana drug conviction can result in prison time and significant financial penalties. However, the collateral consequences of the conviction can last far beyond time served. If a jury finds you guilty of a felony, you may lose civil liberties and have prohibitions on activities that allow you to pursue many of your life goals.

According to the Louisiana Legislature, a felony is a crime for which offenders may receive a prison sentence at hard labor or death.

Direct felony drug conviction consequences

A felony drug conviction involving opioids typically carries substantial fees, fines, and probation in addition to jail time. The precise punishment depends on the unique details of your case, such as the following:

  • Your criminal history
  • The substance involved and its weight
  • Any aggravating factors
  • Whether the guilty verdict includes intent to distribute

The penalties set by the court are only part of the consequences you might experience.

Collateral consequences of a felony drug conviction

Your life after a felony conviction may change drastically. After paying fines and serving time in prison, picking up where you left off may not be possible. Collateral consequences are the regulatory and legal restrictions placed on you as a result of your criminal record. You may lose voting rights and your drivers’ license as well as become ineligible for student loans and certain jobs. Depending on the details of the crime, you may not travel internationally.

Not all drug cases result in a felony conviction. The circumstances surrounding your situation may help you get opioid charges reduced or dismissed. If law enforcement didn’t follow proper procedure or mishandled evidence, the state’s case may not hold up in court or make it to trial.

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