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What impact can a temporary restraining order have?

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2021 | Domestic Violence |

If you face domestic violence accusations, the other party can ask the court to award a temporary restraining order. If this happens, you could face some serious repercussions.

According to the Louisiana Supreme Court, the court has the ability to place various conditions when awarding the temporary restraining order. Some of these conditions may greatly alter your life. If you do not comply with the order, you could face further legal troubles.

Loss of property

One of the biggest impacts of an order is you cannot have any contact with the other person. This includes being present anywhere this person is also present. You will not be able to stay in your home because you will have to leave. If you have other places you both frequent, you are no longer allowed there if the other party is there.

An order can also take away your assets. The court can give the other party complete control over your vehicles and other personal property. This may include access to your financial accounts. The court can restrict your ability to remove money or make changes with such accounts.

Loss of custody

You will also likely lose custody and access to your children while the order stands. The court can also assign custody of pets. As long as the order is in place, the court can say you cannot have access to your children or your pets and prevent you from visiting or otherwise interacting with them.

A temporary restraining order seeks to protect the party who is pressing the charges against you. Your rights come in secondary. In any domestic violence case, the court can put one of these orders in place.