Does your teen have drug paraphernalia in your house?

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If you are the parent of one or more teenagers, you undoubtedly know about the challenges that often come with raising adolescents. These challenges are natural as the young one in your family figures out who he or she is. Still, if you do not set some healthy boundaries, your child’s teen years may be turbulent.

Like everywhere else, it is illegal for Louisianans to possess drug paraphernalia. If your son or daughter has drug-associated items, he or she may face serious criminal charges. Therefore, it is critical to investigate whether your teen may have drug paraphernalia in your house or anywhere else.

Why do teens experiment with drugs?

According to reporting from Greater Good Magazine, teens often experiment with drugs as they learn how to make their own decisions. Whether your child chooses to use controlled substances may also depend on his or her friend group. While you may notice behavioral changes, looking for drug paraphernalia may help you determine whether your teen is at risk.

What is drug paraphernalia?

Drug paraphernalia is the collective name for anything a person can use to produce, distribute or ingest drugs. By design, paraphernalia is a broad term. If your child has one or more of the following, he or she may be in possession of drug paraphernalia:

  • Small plastic bags
  • Pipes, bongs or wrapping papers
  • Syringes, spoons or mixers
  • Scales, razor blades or tin foil

Many of these items are common and can have nothing to do with drugs. Ultimately, to determine whether your child may have drug paraphernalia, you must consider both the objects themselves and your teen’s intended use of them.

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