Is custody the same for juveniles and adults?

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The juvenile criminal system is much different than the adult system. When a minor gets into trouble with the law, the ultimate goal is to provide as much help as possible to ensure the child changes his or her path.

When it is necessary to take the child into custody, the treatment is not at all like what happens to an adult. While the basics, such as being locked up and losing freedom, are the same, the approach is what is different. There are two important points that guide the process.

Care of the minor

When a juvenile is in custody, the state takes over the responsibility to provide and care for him or her. The law dictates that the state must provide for the child as a parent would. So, this requires ensuring everything that happens is in the best interests of the minor. The responsibility is quite high on the state to keep the child healthy and safe.

Focus on rehabilitation

While the adult system has a basis in punishment, it is not the same for the juvenile system. When minors get into trouble, the goal is always to help them overcome issues and live life as a law-abiding citizen. When in custody, the state will take steps to do anything possible to help the child change his or her life and turn things around, which may include therapy, education and training programs.

In the end, the legal system wants to get juveniles out and back into a productive life. While in the adult system, the goal is to protect society and punish them for their actions.

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