Why are your Miranda rights important?

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When an officer asks you to participate in an interrogation, you should always keep your Miranda rights in mind.

It is important to understand not only the Miranda rights, but also why you should utilize them and what purpose they serve.

What are your Miranda rights?

Miranda Warning discusses the importance of your Miranda rights. Two of the major components include your right to remain silent and your right to an attorney.

These are relatively self-explanatory. Your right to an attorney guarantees that even if you cannot afford an attorney on your own, the state will provide you with one.

The right to remain silent means that the police cannot force you to engage or participate in a conversation with them if you do not want to.

They must read these and other rights to you before beginning any interrogation and ensure that you understand these rights fully.

Why should you use them?

By common misconception, many people end up passing on their Miranda rights. This is due to the popular notion that only guilty people will remain silent when under police interrogation.

Police wish to extract a confession when they interview a potential suspect or interrogate someone in relation to a case. For that reason, it is up to you to protect your own rights and be your own advocate. Engaging directly in an interview without any protection is often not the best choice, as many people do not know how to interact with police in a way that does not paint them in a potentially suspicious light.

For these reasons, the rights protected in the Miranda warning are crucial for everyone and not just guilty parties.

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