Types of domestic violence

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the lifetime economic cost of domestic violence in the U.S. is $3.6 trillion. It is a serious and pressing issue affecting countless individuals and families.

Many people think of it as only physical abuse, but it goes beyond that. It can help to recognize that it takes various forms.

Physical abuse

This is perhaps the most recognizable form of domestic violence. It involves the use of physical force to harm or control a partner. Physical abuse can manifest as hitting, slapping, choking or any act that causes physical harm or injury.

Emotional abuse

Emotional abuse is less visible but equally damaging. It includes behaviors aimed at undermining a person’s self-esteem and mental well-being. This may involve constant criticism, humiliation or isolating a person from friends and family.

Verbal abuse

Verbal abuse can be emotionally damaging. It involves the use of harmful words and phrases to belittle, intimidate or control a partner. Verbal abuse can include yelling, name-calling and threatening language.

Financial abuse

Financial abuse occurs when one partner controls the finances to exert power over the other. This might involve preventing access to money, monitoring spending or forcing a partner to give up their income.

Sexual abuse

Sexual abuse within a domestic relationship involves non-consensual sexual activities. It can range from unwanted advances and sexual harassment to rape. Consent should always be a priority in any sexual relationship.

Digital abuse

In today’s digital age, abuse can extend into the online realm. This type of abuse involves using technology to harass, control or monitor a partner. Examples include hacking into personal accounts, sharing intimate photos without consent or constant surveillance.


Stalking is a pattern of behavior that involves unwanted attention, surveillance or harassment towards a partner. It can be physically present or through digital means, such as cyberstalking.

Religious or cultural abuse

Some abusers use religion or cultural beliefs to justify their actions. They may manipulate their partner through these beliefs, often distorting their meaning to control and dominate.

Coercive control

Coercive control is a form of domestic violence that involves systematic and deliberate manipulation to dominate a partner. One person seeks to control every aspect of someone else’s life, making it difficult for that person to escape the relationship.


Neglect can be a form of domestic violence when one partner consistently fails to provide care and support, causing harm to the other partner or their children. This can involve neglecting basic needs such as food, clothing or medical care.

Understanding the various types of domestic violence is important if you face accusations. Only by knowing the definition of various types of abuse can you properly form a defense.

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