How much alcohol does it take to get drunk?

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Drunk driving is a serious crime that can lead to fines, jail time, and many other penalties. It can also cause significant harm to yourself and others, which is why you must try to avoid it at all times.

One way to prevent drunk driving is to know much alcohol it takes to become inebriated. This guide explains a few of the factors that can contribute to inebriation, and how you can keep yourself and others safe.

Definition of a standard drink size

In order to accurately track your alcohol intake during the night, you must understand the standard drink size. Accepted dietary guidelines state that 0.6 ounces of pure alcohol is the standard. However, different types of alcohol have different potencies. For example, 9 ounces is standard for a beer with a 7% alcohol content. Because liquor is much more potent at 40% alcohol content, it comes in 1.5 ounces, also known as a shot.

Factors that affect blood alcohol concentration (BAC)

In addition to how much you drink at a given time, there are many other factors that determine your BAC. For instance, women often have a higher BAC than men after drinking the same amount. This has to do with metabolic differences between the sexes. If you do not normally drink, you will have a lower tolerance. That means you may become inebriated quicker than a person who drinks frequently.

The legal BAC limit for driving is 0.08%, which means that people who are at this limit or over can receive a drunk driving charge. Being mindful of drink size and BAC is crucial to avoid drunk driving and its many legal consequences.

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